Saturday, June 23, 2012

Copic Colouring on Kraft - Tutorial

Hello everyone, a few weeks ago I said I would post my copic colouring on kraft tutorial, so here goes.... I have probably put in far too many steps, but I didn't want to miss anything out!!!

Step 1: I stamped Princess Lizzy onto Joy Craft’s Kraft coloured cardstock using memento tuxedo black ink. When colouring with copics on kraft I would advise that you use a scrap piece to test your colours before you use them on your image as the kraft card alters the tone of your copic colours. Also, when testing your colours, leave them a moment as they lighten up when they dry.

Firstly, I always start by colouring the skin tones and I begin with my lightest colour which is E000. Lay down your colour where all the dark shadows will be and leave the area which will be lightest uncoloured.

Step 2: Next add E00 and go over the area you have just coloured.

Step 3: Add a little E11 to the areas which will be in shadow.

Step 4: Using your E00, blend your E11 using small feather strokes. Finally, using your E000, blend out your E00 and colour over the area that you have previously left uncoloured. Repeat this process for all the skin areas.

Step 5: For the hair, once again, I start with my lightest colour which is E50. Lay down your colour using fine strokes where the darkest parts will be. When colouring hair always do your strokes in the direction the hair would grow.

Step 6: Next, using fine strokes, go over your E50 with E35.

Step 7: Add E25 to your darker areas. At this point if you have covered all of your original E50, don’t worry as we will be adding more!

Step 8: Add a little E29 to the darkest areas of the hair.

Step 9: Using your colours in reverse begin to blend using small feather strokes. As this is hair you don’t want to blend your colours completely, using strokes will give the impression of flowing, textured hair. Your final colour will be E50, use this to colour any blank areas. At this point I always take a look at my image and if I feel I want to darken any shadows in the hair I use my darkest colour and I use my blender pen to remove a little colour from the highlighted areas.

Step 10: To colour the eyes I used B32, B23 and B39.

Step 11: For the dress, again I begin with my lightest colour which is BG000. Lay down your colour where your darkest area will be and leave your lightest area uncoloured. In this photo you will notice my scrap piece of card which I used to test my colours.

Step 12: Next, add BG01

Step 13: Add your mid tone which is BG05.

Step 14: Finally, add a little of your darkest colour which is BG09.

Step 15: As before, use your colours in reverse to blend and use your final colour, BG000, to colour your previously uncoloured area. I always colour in small areas because the ink remains wet and you can achieve a good blend. Colour the remaining areas of the dress. In this photo I have also coloured the shoes and her necklace.

Step 16: I only used Y17 to colour her crown as it is such a small area and I used C1 and my blender pen to colour the underskirt, gloves etc.

Step 17: Finally I used W1, W3, W5, W7 and 0 to colour the ground.

Finally, here is the image on a card.

Card/Paper: White and kraft card. DCWV - Linen Closet
Stamps: Joy Crafts - Princess Lizzy
Colouring: Copics - details above
Embellishments: Ribbon, jewels
Tools: Trouvaille, sewing machine,  Joy Crafts - flourish dies
Thanks for looking x


  1. Waw thank you for sharing this lovely tutorial Liza. I love your card, really delicate and the papers are just gorgeous. Hugs! Mojca

  2. A brilliant tutorial and lovely card. You are on fire at the moment, I was in PB earlier and you're everywhere!! ;) xx

  3. So beautiful card Liza,I love the image and the colours.
    So gorgeous papers.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  4. Gorgeous card, Liza, and a great tutorial! Thank you for sharing! I hope you are well:-) Hugs Delphine xx


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