Thursday, August 28, 2008


As I am just new to crafting I haven't gathered together a lot of stuff just yet but I have just bought these fab storage boxes for the clutter I have amassed so far! I also have a larger one but couldn't get a decent photo with that one in too. I got all three of them for less than 8 euros.....bargin!


  1. Hi Liza
    Thanks for stopping by and entering my BC!
    Now I love these boxes - great colours and believe me your stash will soon grow and grow and grow!!! LOL


  2. The boxes are lovely, but, like Dawn above, I have to warn you that your stash soon won't fit, lol, it always starts off with something neat and organised and pretty
    At first - all my craft things fir neatly into these three beautiful boxes.
    And then - all my craft stuff fits into the boxes and I also have a drawer.
    And then it fills the boxes, two drawers, the bottom of your wardrobe and half the dining table.
    And eventually, every possible bit of storage space in your house will be eyed up for stash suitability. ;)

  3. ROFL!!! I'm so sorry to laugh but this is exactly how I started off with a couple of boxes. OMG, I wish you could see my storage (or not!!!) now!! Your boxes are fab colours (much nicer than the teddy bear ones I had!! LOL!) but be warned - one room will not be enough before you know it!! Susan's comment describes exactly how it is! ;o) {{{HUG}}}

  4. Gorgeous boxes but you will soon be needing a room!! ROFL reading other comments here, sooooo true, I am lucky enough to have a craft room but have outgrown it already!! Now waiting for one of the kids to move out.... Great blog, you have made some beautiful cards - keep up the good work.
    Sam x


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